50th Anniversary Celebration

This year the Lomond Association is celebrating its Golden Anniversary. The evening of Friday, April 24th in the Lomond School auditorium at 7pm the Association will sponsor a program which tells the story of the Association. The Reverend Joan Brown Campbell will review the historical setting for the formation of the Association and several former Association Presidents will discuss the projects the Association has undertaken to fulfill the Association’s mission. The Lomond Association has a distinguished history to celebrate. We hope that you will come to our 50th Anniversary program.

As part of the celebration of our Anniversary, the Lomond Association expressed its gratitude to the hard working members of the City’s Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments with Valentine’s Day cakes and cards. Heinen’s baked the beautifully decorated cakes with hearts and the message “Thank you for Keeping Our Community Safe, The Lomond Association 50 Years.” Heinen’s also generously donated a gift card which paid for one of the four cakes. Department members received their gifts with broad smiles and many thanks.