About The Lomond Association

The Lomond Association is a self-governing non-profit organization created to engage in educational and charitable activities with the Lomond area of the City of Shaker Heights, in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation of the Association under the Non-Profit Corporation Law of Ohio. In performing these activities the Association seeks to provide and cultivate leadership in developing and maintaining a quality diverse living and working environment for all residents of the community. The Association presents public forums and lectures, publishes materials for the education of persons residing in the area and in the Greater Cleveland area, and conducts other charitable and educational programs in the public interest.

The Association welcomes and encourages the participation of all members of the community in the activities of the Association. It encourages ideas and suggestions for activities and for the betterment of the community from all persons, whether they are or are not members of the Association.

For questions about the Association or to provide your ideas and suggestions you may contact us at “The Lomond Association,” PO Box 201814, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 44122 or send email messages to lomond.association@gmail.com.

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