Your Neighbors: The Johnsons

P1040055Let’s meet the Johnson family. They came to the Lomond community because of the diversity and the wonderful school system. Emhonta Johnson is the father of this family. He was born in Akron, Ohio. Emhonta has a Ph.D. in molecular biology. He is a professor at the Tri-C Western Campus where he teaches microbiology and biochemistry. His favorite subject in school was genetics. Emhonta is on the board of the Cleveland Philharmonic and the Arc of Greater Cleveland.

Sabrina Johnson is the mother of the family. She was born in Toledo, Ohio. Sabrina has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in education administration. She is a Facility Manager of the Summit Board of Developmental Disabilities. Her favorite subject in school was human development. Sabrina is the troop leader of Girl Scout troop 1967.

Ja’el Johnson is the oldest child. He was born in Columbus, Ohio. Ja’el is 15years old and attends the Shaker Heights High School. His favorite subject is English. Ja’el wants to be an Athletics Manager and a Sports Medicine Doctor when he grows up. Ja’el is in the orchestra and plays the violin. He also enjoys basketball and baseball.

Elijah is the middle child. He is 14 and attends Gahana Lincoln High School. Elijah’s favorite subject is language arts. He runs cross country for the Gahana Lions.

Jacqueline Johnson is the youngest child and the only girl. She was born in Omaha, Nebraska and attends Woodbury. Jacqueline Johnson is 11 years old and her favorite subject is math. When she grows up she wants to fill the shoes of her father and get a Ph.D. in biology. She is in Girl Scout troop 1967 and would love if you all buy her cookies. She enjoys basketball.

Emhonta likes to take the family bowling, skating, and likes to watch anime. He also takes the neighborhood boys to dodge ball at Gridley Park and also paintballing. The family has a dog named Zaraki Johnson. He loves hugs and kisses and also squeaky toys. He enjoys watching movies and running around and sleeping.

By Jacqueline Johnson (age 11)